Attention Fellow Humans!


The next 21 Day Eco Challenge is fast approaching and I want to enlist the help of my


to get the word out there.

I would love you to encourage your friends and family to hit the BIG GREEN BUTTON on this web site or head over to the Facebook page to sign up.

Over 21 Days I share 21 Simple Suburban Sustainability tips that are easy to do and aren’t going to cost you lots of money (in fact they will save you some) and they will help you and your family to leave a lighter footprint on the planet.

I’m also excited to collaborate with people who have an Eco Friendly product or service that they would like to donate for the weekly and Grand Prize Winners of the “Photograph your Eco Triumphs” competition.


Your product will be featured on:

– this web site

-the Facebook Page

– the Facebook Group

– and you will be credited (and possibly interviewed) on the upcoming webTV show starting in mid September!

Now that’s a lot of BANG for your buck!

So if you are an Eco Friendly business please get in touch as I would love to hear from you.  You can reach me via email on

Thanks in advance for all your help, the planet will thank you. 🙂

Where Have you Been?

It seems like forever since I wrote a full blog post, in fact since I wrote anything.

“Where have you been?”  I hear you ask.

Well I have had the most wonderful whirlwind experience of learning, connecting, inspiring, communicating with a bunch of lovely like minded people all around the world!

I have just successfully lead the first Farewell My Manicure 21 Day Eco Challenge, taking a group of remarkable people through 21 different simple suburban sustainability tips, one a day, for three weeks, because, word is, it takes twenty one days to form a habit.

I personally have gone from the mindset of complacency to the mindset of Eco Everyday, so much so that I have created a Facebook group if you would like to join the conversation, stay up to date on eco friendly products and services, and if you want join the next 21 Day Eco Challenge commencing on July 1st for your chance to win weekly prizes and help leave a lighter footprint on this world we all call home.

If you are already living an eco friendly life then WE have things to learn from YOU!  If you are willing to share what you know and what you do, if you have an environmentally friendly business you want to promote, a product you would like some feedback on, or want to hear from people who do, then I invite you to join the group.

Also, I’ve been preparing for my upcoming webTV show, due to launch in September!  It’s all very exciting at Farewell My Manicure headquarters.  If you would like to be updated as things happen hit the big green button and I’ll stay in touch.

Until next time.

Julia 🙂

Challenge 2