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Episode Five – Farewell My Manicure TV

Did you know that just by smelling rosemary you could be increasing your memory by up to 75%!

Do you know the difference between a drill bit and a spade bit?

How many litres of drinking water could you be saving by owning a water tank?

These and other questions will all be answered in this week’s episode!

episode five pic


We Are Moving!

The silly season is upon us and so Saturday nights are taken up with parties and celebrations, so who has time to sit back and watch our little Web TV Show?  This is why we have decided to move to Sunday nights at 6pm (Australian EST), so that you have an opportunity to pour yourself a beverage of your choice and watch our 15 minute lifestyle show.

Hope you will join us this weekend as we make another Christmas Gift in the shed using the drill press, look at our most precious resource and I’ll give you some interesting facts about Rosemary when we get Down and Dirty in the Garden.

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See you Sunday!




Episode Four – Our Halloween Special!

On this week’s episode of FMMTV we look at creepy crawly things in your garden, worm farming to recycle vegetable waste, make a house for solitary bees to live in using recycled materials, the circular saw and cordless drill and when we get down and dirty in the garden we have a look at growing Pumpkins!  What else!

Episode 4

Sit back relax and enjoy our Halloween Special.

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Episode Three!

Another week has passed and we are getting closer and closer to Christmas so I thought it was appropriate on this week’s program to make some home made Christmas Gifts in the shed using the mini drill (you might know it by one of it’s proprietary names – Dremel).

You may not be aware of all of the benefits that come with the humble cucumber so I give you a long list that leaves you with no excuse not to plant some in the garden this season.

And because the weather is starting to warm up we look at ways you and your family can remain hydrated in a sustainable way.

We also launch out first COMPETITION!  Win a box of 12 bamboo toothbrushes by going to the Facebook page www.facebook.com/farewellmymanicure, giving us a LIKE and telling us your best ideas for handmade Christmas Gifts.  The most creative one wins. Winner will be announced on next week’s show. 

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episode 3

I hope that you are enjoying Farewell My Manicure TV.  

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Episode Two!

On this week’s episode we look at growing a member of the brassica family, I do a bit of DIY in the shed to make something for my kitchen and we look at how easy it can be to recycle.


Hope you will join us on Farewell My Manicure TV every week at 6pm.

Here’s the recipe for Chicken and Broccoli that I refer to in the video.  Given to me by my Mum it is simple and tasty.  Enjoy!

Broccoli & Chicken Casserole

brocolli chicken recipe

And here is the recycling printable to stick on your recycling bin.

Recycling printable

Hope you enjoy tonights episode.

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Until next week!



Episode One !!!!!!!


Welcome to Farewell My Manicure WebTV.  This short program features segments on Sustainability, DIY Projects and Growing Vegetables for your family.

Please enjoy!

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Web TV Show starts Saturday night at 6pm!

Grab a glass of bubbly and join me as I launch my new WebTV Show this Saturday night at 6pm on www.farewellmymanicure.com

If you are wondering what is going to be on the show, we have three segments to share with you this week. So there is something for everyone!
DOWN & DIRTYAs you know I love my garden and growing fresh fruit and veggies for my family gives me so much joy.  I want to share the joy with you, through the segment “Get Down & Dirty in the Garden” where I will talk about everything from what to plant and how to harvest, to container gardens, urban gardens and permaculture.  Perhaps there is something you would like to know more about.  Please drop me a line at julia@farewellmymanicure.com with you suggestions.
PTFP SLIDEThere are already a lot of great DIY shows on TV, but not every girl knows how to use a power tool and is game enough to give it a go.  In the segment “Power Tools for Princesses” I look at showing you how to do some great DIY, renovating, recycling and up cycling using some tools that yo needn’t be frightened of.
SIMPLESUBURBANSUSTAINABILITYTIPS SLIDEOne of my goals is to see more people living a sustainable lifestyle and thereby leaving a lighter footprint.  Some times the enormity of what we have done to the environment leaves us paralysed.  Not knowing what to do to fix the problem can be daunting.  In the segment “Simple Suburban Sustainability Tips” I take you through the little things you can implement in your home to walk lighter on the planet one baby step at a time.
I hope you can join me this Saturday, but if you can’t you can always view the show at another time because of the power of the internet!

Planting Guide – October

I know this is a little late but the new Web TV show has been taking a lot of my energy as it launches and goes LIVE this coming Saturday 10th October at 6pm (Australian time zone).

But for all of you who live around these parts here is your Planting Guide October.

Enjoy the time in your garden!

Planting Guide October page 1

Planting Guide October page 2